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“eat and drink and donot waste Verily Allah does not love those who waste.”

 Al-Quran 7:31




why choose Khana.pk

Khana.pk the online food court, brings variety of home cooked meals for you and allows you to enjoy your office lunch time.  We provide assorted cuisines with food quality.

Home kitchens often face many challenges when it comes to managing orders, payments, finding the customers and setting menu for them. We make it convenient for home kitchens to solve problems they encounter from taking order to delivery.


I absolutely love khana.pk. It's truly a home away from home for me. As a 9 to 6 working professional who rarely have lunch at home, I've been always facing stomach issues mostly because of junk I have been feeding myself. When I first got introduced to khana.pk, I got registered for an experiment but the first meal astounded me as it was neatly wrapped and the aroma was so homely. Food was tasty and affordable. It’s very feasible and a plus point is the home made rotis. Khana.pk remains one of my favourite for the quality and variety of the food and the way it’s being managed so professionally. Overall it’s a very good initiative. Thumbs up
Rabia Altaf
I’ve been ordering lunch from khana.pk for quite a while now. The food tastes great and is clean and hygienic and always arrives on time. Definitely recommend it!​
I have subscribed for their daily lunch service and I have never been once disappointed. Food is always tasty n fresh. Their staff is very polite and they make sure to look after their clients. Definitely recommend it!
Tasty food on time every time.
Pak Cuisines Fresh Meals and Frozen Foods has great experience of working with Khana.pk. We are working to provide best quality meals since Feb 2018. I highly recommend this food service.
Pak Cuisine
I'm working with khana.pk from the last 8 months.This is the best place for lunch provided in offices. Thank you for giving me a chance to be a part of khana.pk.
3S Kitchen