Frequently asked questions

We are unique in the following ways 
  • You can choose your own meal.
  • All dishes are fresh and homemade.
You can order through now
by clicking the following link
First, you will choose your dishes for the coming week. We will then process your menu and give you a weekly schedule. You will confirm your menu and make payment. You will get your lunch by 1 PM on weekdays and will be notified via SMS.

No, we do not take orders daily. You will subscribe for a week. 

There are different home chefs on-board with us. We are having desi, Chinese and Italian cuisines. You can choose from variety of dishes.

Yes, you can change your menu anytime during the weekdays. But changes will be applied from coming Mondays. 
All the items are served individually. Each item weight is different but generally, it is between 250 gm to 300 gm. All curry dishes are served with 2 homemade chapatis and all rice dishes are served with raita and salad.

Our average price is around Rs.200 which is very economical. Your bill will vary according to the chosen dishes. 

Yes, delivery charges are also applied which will be divided among all the people who have ordered. Delivery charges will be waived off on 10 plus orders from same location

Payments are prepaid on a weekly basis. 

We prefer online payments, but you can also pay in cash.

We take a minimum of 4 orders from an office. It is more fun to enjoy your lunch with office buddies 🙂

Yes, we are currently operating at other locations. We are offering our service in Evacuee Trust Complex F-5, Software Technology Park I-9,  Blue Area and EOBI G-13, to name a few