is an Office Lunch Service presenting a variety of cuisines from different home kitchens delivering. We bring you an assortment of delicious, hygienic, home-made food with convenience at your office step

Kindly note 

  • All items are served individually
  • All curry dishes are served with two homemade chapatis
  • Delivery charges will also apply
  • Payments are prepaid on a weekly basis.
  • We take a minimum of 4 orders from an office

Avail free deliveries on 10 servings or more.

You can select any of our pre-defined package or you can also create your own menu by selecting 5 dishes in all.

Menu for islamabad

Our very talented home chefs bring scrumptious meal for you. Please click on the button to view and order our from

menu for rawalpindi is very proud  to present  luscious food from our skillful home chefs. Please click on the button to view and order from